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DIN EN ISO 19650-4:2023-06

DIN EN ISO 19650-4:2023-06

Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling (BIM) - Information management using building information modelling - Part 4: Information exchange (ISO 19650-4:2022); German version EN ISO 19650-4:2022

Organisation et numérisation des informations relatives aux bâtiments et ouvrages de génie civil, y compris modélisation des informations de la construction (BIM) - Gestion de l'information par la modélisation des informations de la construction - Partie 4: Échange d'informations (ISO 19650-4:2022); Version allemande EN ISO 19650-4:2022

Organisation und Digitalisierung von Informationen zu Bauwerken und Ingenieurleistungen, einschließlich Bauwerksinformationsmodellierung (BIM) - Informationsmanagement mit BIM - Teil 4: Informationsaustausch (ISO 19650-4:2022); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 19650-4:2022

2023-06 /Active
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EN ISO 19650-4 (2022-09)

ISO 19650-4 (2022-08)

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ISO 19650 part 4 provides detailed process and criteria for the decision points in the process of executing an information exchange within information management as defined by ISO 19650. It promotes a sustainable approach to information exchange where the immediate delivery of information does not preclude its future use. It is applicable to any information exchange within project stages (ISO 19650 part 2) and within in-use events (ISO 19650 part 3). All development and information exchanges should be executed under the appropriate security controls (ISO 19650 part 5). It supports the satisfaction of a specific EIR/AIR related to an individual information exchange of any type of information by enumerating criteria relating to completeness, compliance to formal exchange schemas, the continuity of concepts between exchanges and the elimination of spatial and specification conflicts
BIM, Building Information Modeling, Communication, Construction, Construction works, Data exchange, Definitions, Digitalization, Facility management, Filing, Identifiers, Implementation, Information, Information exchange, Information interchange, Information management, Information models, Information representation, Information technology, Life cycles, Life (durability), Maintenance, Metadata, Operation, Organization, Project planning, Quality, Quality assurance, Representatives, Services, Structural works, Use
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