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DIN EN 1992-2/NA:2013-04

DIN EN 1992-2/NA:2013-04

National Annex - Nationally determined parameters - Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures - Part 2: Concrete bridges - Design and detailing rules / Note: Applies in conjunction with DIN EN 1992-2 (2010-12).

Annexe Nationale - Paramèters déterminés au niveau national - Eurocode 2: Calcul des structures en béton - Partie 2: Ponts en béton - Calcul et dispositions constructives / Attention: Valable en conjointement avec DIN EN 1992-2 (2010-12).

Nationaler Anhang - National festgelegte Parameter - Eurocode 2: Bemessung und Konstruktion von Stahlbeton- und Spannbetontragwerken - Teil 2: Betonbrücken - Bemessungs- und Konstruktionsregeln / Achtung: Gilt in Verbindung mit DIN EN 1992-2 (2010-12).

2013-04 /Active
Relación con otras normas DIN:
This National Annex contains the specific parameter for the use of DIN EN 1992-2 in Germany as well as references to additional non-conflicting national rules for the design according to DIN EN 1992-2.
Acceleration, Anchorages, Basis, Beams, Bearing capacity verification, Belts, Bending, Boards, Bond, Bridges, Cables, Civil engineering, Classes, Components, Compression, Concrete bridges, Concrete cover, Concrete structures, Concretes, Construction, Construction materials, Corrections, Cracking, Cutting conditions, Cyclists, Damage, Definitions, Design, Dimensioning, Displacements, Ductility, Durability, Effects, Eurocode, Fall, Fitness for purpose, Foot bridges, Force, Geometry, Height, Impacts, Joints, Limitations, Load capacity, Loading, Mathematical calculations, Measure, Methods, National, Natural frequency, Normal force, Pedestrians, Planning, Prefabricated parts, Pressure, Prestressed concrete, Prestressing elements, Prestressing steels, Properties, Quality control, Railway applications, Railway bridges, Railways, Reinforced concrete, Reinforcement, Reinforcing steels, Ribs, Road bridges, Roofing, Safety, Safety against buckling, Specification (approval), Stamp, Status, Stays, Stress, Structural design, Structural engineering drawings, Structures, Transverse force, Values, Verification, Vibration, Width, Workmanship
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