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DIN EN 1789:2003-08

DIN EN 1789:2003-08

Medical vehicles and their equipment - Road ambulances (includes Amendment A1:2003); German version EN 1789:1999 + A1:2003

Véhicules de transport sanitaire et leurs équipements - Véhicule d'ambulances (inclut l'Amendement A1:2003); Version allemande EN 1789:1999 + A1:2003

Rettungsdienstfahrzeuge und deren Ausrüstung - Krankenkraftwagen (enthält Änderung A1:2003); Deutsche Fassung EN 1789:1999 + A1:2003

Fecha Anulación:
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 1789 (1999-10)

EN 1789/A1 (2003-03)

TS EN 1789 (2004-03-23)

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Reemplazada por: DIN EN 1789:2007-08

Reemplaza a: DIN EN 1789:1999-12

This European Standard specifies requirements for the design, testing, performance and equipping of road ambulances used for the transport of sick or injured persons. This standard is applicable to road ambulances capable of transporting at least one person on a stretcher. Requirements are specified for categories of road ambulances based in increasing order of the level of treatment that can be carried out. These are the patient transport ambulances (types A1, A2), the emergency ambulance (type B) and the mobile intensive care unit (type C).
Dieser europäsische Norm-Entwurf legt Änderungen zu der Europäischen Norm EN 1789:1999 fest.
Acceleration, Ambulance services, Ambulances, Auxiliary devices, Backbone, Batteries, Braking systems, Care, Cargo hold, Categories, Chassis, Climatic, Communication, Compatibility, Cultivation, Definitions, Design, Diagnosis, Dimensions, Doors, Driver seats, Drop, Electric sockets, Electrical equipment, Electrical hazards, Electrical safety, Electromagnetic compatibility, Electromagnetism, EMC, Emergency, Emergency vehicles, Environment, Equipment, Equipment safety, Ergonomics, Escape hatches (aircraft), Fatigue strength, Fire safety, Fixings, Gases, Generators, Heating equipment, Holdings, Installations, Instruments, Interferences, Joint efficiency, Layout, Lighting systems, Loading, Maintenance, Marking, Mechanic, Medical equipment, Medicaments, Moisture, Momentum, Motor ambulances, Motor vehicles, Noise, Openings, Operating devices, Operation, Partitions, Patient transport, Patients, Performance, Protective equipment, Radiotelephony, Rated voltage, Rescue and ambulance services, Rescue equipment, Road vehicles, Safety, Safety engineering, Safety requirements, Special road vehicles, Specification (approval), Stochastics, Stretchers, Tables (data), Tachograph, Temperature, Testing, Treatment, Vehicle bodywork, Vehicles, Ventilation, Vibration, Wards (hospitals), Wheels, Windows, Zones of comfort
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