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DIN EN 15651-3:2017-07

DIN EN 15651-3:2017-07

Sealants for non-structural use in joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways - Part 3: Sealants for sanitary joints; German version EN 15651-3:2017

Mastics pour joints pour des usages non structuraux dans les constructions immobilières et pour chemins piétonniers - Partie 3: Mastics sanitaires; Version allemande EN 15651-3:2017

Fugendichtstoffe für nicht tragende Anwendungen in Gebäuden und Fußgängerwegen - Teil 3: Dichtstoffe für Fugen im Sanitärbereich; Deutsche Fassung EN 15651-3:2017

2017-07 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 15651-3 (2017-02)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This European Standard specifies definitions and requirements for sealants used for sealing of joints applied in sanitary areas in the interior of buildings exposed to non-pressurised water.It covers joints in:- bathrooms;- toilets;- showers;- domestic kitchens;- prefabricated elements in sanitary areas (e. g. shower cubicles).Industrial, drinking water, underwater (swimming pools, sewage systems, etc.), food contact applications and sealing of glass-ceramic cooktop panels (stove tops, ceramic hobs) are excluded from the scope.This European Standard does not provide criteria or recommendations for the design of joints and installation of sealants in sanitary applications.NOTE Provisions on assessment and verification of constancy of performance - AVCP (i.e. Product type determination and Factory Production Control) and marking of these products are given in EN 15651-5.This European Standard does not apply to non-structural sealants in any of non-paste form, to those used in sanitary joints and to oil-based mastics.
Bathrooms, Building sealants, Buildings, CE marking, Certificates, Closets, Conformity, Construction, Construction materials, Constructional products, Dangerous materials, Definitions, Density, Durability, Joint sealants, Joint sealings, Joints, Non-load bearing, Pedestrian areas, Pedestrian roads, Production control, Properties, Release, Sanitary facilities, Sanitary rooms, Sealing, Sealing materials, Sealing means, Showers, Specification (approval), Testing, WC compartments

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