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DD IEC/PAS 61249-6-3:2011

DD IEC/PAS 61249-6-3:2011

Specification for finished fabric woven from “E” glass for printed boards

2011-11-30 /Revision Underway
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IEC/PAS 61249-6-3:2011

IEC/PAS 61249-6-3:2011(E) covers finished fabrics woven from "E" glass electrical grade glass fiber yarns that are intended as a reinforcing material in laminated plastics for electrical and electronic use. All fabrics covered by this specification are plain weave. This specification determines the nomenclature, definitions, general and chemical requirements for the glass, and physical requirements for finished woven glass fiber fabrics. Appendix II of this specification provides a style designator for each finished fabric glass style, with specifications on yarn, fabric count, thickness and weight in both SI and US system. Fabrics listed in Annex B also categorize fabrics by their current availability status.
Electronic equipment and components, Designations, Reinforcing materials, Woven fabrics, Dimensions, Cloth, Reinforced materials, Defects, Plastics, Terminology, Printed-circuit boards, Quality assurance, Printed-circuit bases, Yarn, Laminates, Textile glass, Glass fibres
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