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BS EN 45555:2019

BS EN 45555:2019

General methods for assessing the recyclability and recoverability of energy-related products

2019-12-04 /Definitive
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EN 45555

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This document establishes general principles for:

  • Assessing the recyclability of energy-related products;

  • Assessing the recoverability of energy-related products.

This document also considers:

  • The ability to access or remove certain components, assemblies, materials or substances from products to facilitate their extraction at the end-of-life for ease of treatment, recycling and other recovery operations;

  • The recyclability of critical raw materials (CRMs).

This document defines parameters which are applicable for the development of product or product-group standards in order to calculate recyclability/recoverability rates. This document serves as a method for writing product or product-group standards, rather than being directly applied. Additional information and requirements not provided in this document will be necessary for product or product-group standards.

This document is not applicable to generate publicly available product information and compare products in absence of product standards based on this document.

Although this document can be used for a product or product-group, for the sake of a better readability only “product” is used throughout the rest of the document.

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