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ASTM F1338-91(2007)

ASTM F1338-91(2007)

Standard Guide for Main Propulsion Medium Speed Marine Diesel Engines Covering Performance and Minimum Scope of Assembly

2013-10-07 /Historical
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Significance and Use:

Comparison of brake horsepower developed and of specific fuel consumption rates from engine to engine may be made by use of data based upon a standard for composition of an engine assembly.

The purchaser of the engine assembly will be fully advised of the minimum scope of assembly which the purchaser may rightfully expect to be encompassed by a response to a request for quotation and to be delivered in response to a purchase order unless the engine builder in the proposal or in the offer to sell has clearly advised otherwise.

It will be made apparent to the purchaser that additional auxiliary and accessory equipment will be needed to supplement the defined engine assembly when full consideration is given to the application of the engine assembly as a prime mover in a specific vessel.


1.1 This guide covers performance and minimum scope of assembly of all medium speed marine diesel engines intended for main propulsion of single or multiple screw propelled marine vessels or for vessels using other than screw propeller-type main propulsion.

1.2 This guide is intended to supplement the regulations of legally constituted regulating authorities. In the event of any conflict, which may become apparent after publication of this guide, with such legally constituted regulations, the latter shall take precedence, as may be applicable within the jurisdiction of such authorities and specific to each case, unless such latter regulations are formally waived by proper cognizant authority.

1.3 This guide is not intended to relieve the purchaser of the obligation fully to advise the engine builder of all of the purchaser's unique operational considerations to allow those considerations to be satisfied.

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