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ASTM E2099-00(2007)

ASTM E2099-00(2007)

Standard Practice for the Specification and Evaluation of Pre-Construction Laboratory Mockups of Exterior Wall Systems

2014-06-23 /Historical
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Exterior wall systems require time to design, fabricate, construct and test. Mockups are a fullsize representative portion of the proposed exterior wall system built to study proposed construction details, test for performance and may be used to judge appearance of the exterior wall system. The project schedule shall allow time to design, construct and test the pre-construction mockup and to implement any design changes, fabrication changes, or modifications of planned construction procedures, before construction of the exterior wall system commences.

Performance testing of pre-construction mockups verities compliance with specified standards and design criteria. Performance tests in separate ASTM or other industry standards, are intended to represent the effects of environmental conditions, such as wind, rain, and temperature extremes. The tests provide a measure of the performance of the proposed exterior wall system under specific and controlled conditions. The specified design and specification of the pre-construction mockup must be appropriate for the performance test requirements. Separate tests may be required for individual mockup materials or components.

Pre-construction mockup specimens require input from Specifier, Builder and Test Agency. Coordination of their efforts facilitates this process. Documentation should convey the results of preconstruction mockups from one party to others at appropriate stages in the process.

The referenced standards provided in this practice identify the historical standards typically utilized in pre-construction performance testing. This practice allows for the development and use of other project specific test procedures for various components that encompass exterior wall systems.


1.1 This standard practice describes procedures and documentation to assist in the specification and evaluation of pre-construction laboratory mockups of exterior wall systems.

1.2 This standard practice addresses design and construction of the mockup; observation during mockup construction and testing; evaluation of the mockup test results; and documentation of the mockup and testing process. Coordination is required between the parties involved in the design, construction and testing of the mockup to facilitate this process. Documentation should convey the results of pre-construction mockups from one party to others at appropriate stages in the process.

1.3 This standard practice recommends the selection and order of individual tests performed on the mockup in the absence of a specific test order.

1.4 This standard practice recommends a protocol for exchange of information between participants in the pre-construction mockup process.

1.5 Responsibility for specific activities is recommended by this standard. This practice is intended to provide a default structure in the absence of the assignment of specific responsibilities by the specifying authority.

buildings; exterior wall systems; laboratory; pre-construction
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