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ASTM D6436-14

ASTM D6436-14

Standard Guide for Reporting Properties for Plastics and Thermoplastic Elastomers

2019-08-14 /Active
Significance and Use:

4.1 This guide is intended to provide ready access to the recommended property name, test method reference, maximum number of significant digits,4 and appropriate units for commonly used plastics and thermoplastic elastomer tests.

4.2 It is particularly useful for those involved in the writing and proofreading of documents containing data for a large number of tests since the need to go to each individual test method should be greatly minimized.

4.3 SI units are to be regarded as standard. U.S. Customary units and conversion factors are provided to accommodate those situations where it is necessary to report both. U.S. Customary refers to units commonly used in the United States and is not always the same as inch-pound units.


1.1 This guide provides recommendations for reporting the property values of plastics and thermoplastic elastomers in published literature, data sheets, presentations, comparative analysis, and so forth. It is intended to minimize confusion when comparing the data from several sources.

1.2 This standard is not intended to replace recommendations within the test methods for reporting data. Refer to the test method or use other guidance to determine the number of significant figures for reporting laboratory test results.

Note 1There is no known ISO equivalent to this standard.
conversion factors; decimal places; properties reporting; reporting guide; significant figures
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