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ASTM D5681-08

ASTM D5681-08

Standard Terminology for Waste and Waste Management

2010-12-31 /Historical
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Significance and Use:

This terminology defines terms and specialized meanings of terms in the subject areas of waste and management of waste.

This terminology is not intended for subjects other than waste and waste management. For terms applicable to other subject areas, the appropriate terminology standard(s) should be consulted. See the current edition of the Compilation of ASTM Standard Definitions and the list of terminology standards cited therein.

Standards relating to subcategories of waste or waste management may use terms defined more narrowly than those included here. The more specialized terminology standards relating to the applicable specific subcategory, or terms defined within individual standards, or both, should be consulted for the exact meaning intended within a given standard.

The Thesaurus on Resource Recovery Terminology (Special Technical Publication (STP) 832) contains many terms and may be useful for those not listed in terminology standards. However, a definition in a standard terminology shall be considered governing when the term is used in the sense or meaning defined therein.

Statistical terms are not defined in this terminology to the extent that the terms, when used regarding waste and management of waste, have the same meanings as in Practice E 177 or Terminology E 456.

Regulatory terms are often developed by regulatory agencies for special regulatory purposes and may have technical content or meaning different from terms defined herein. When a regulatory term exists that differs in meaning from a term given here, the regulatory term should be considered to take precedence for regulatory matters.


1.1 This terminology contains standard definitions of terms used in the general area of waste and waste management. It is intended to promote understanding by providing precise technical definitions of terms used in the standards developed by Committee D34 and its subcommittees.

1.2 Terms used only within an individual standard, and having a meaning unique to that standard, may be defined or explained in the terminology section of that individual standard.

Terminology--environmental; Terminology--waste materials/processing; Waste managment activities; Waste materials/processing/analysis
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