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ASTM B447-12a

ASTM B447-12a

Standard Specification for Welded Copper Tube

2021-01-07 /Historical
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This specification establishes the requirements for welded copper tube with a longitudinal seam free of filler metal produced from sheet or strip of one of the Copper UNS Nos. C10100, C10200, C10300, C10800, C11000, C12000, C12200, and C14200. Copper C11000 welded tube shall not be used in applications where hydrogen embrittlement during heating is a concern. Tempers of the welded tube types are as follows: as-welded: WM50, WM02, or WM04, welded and annealed: W060 and W050, welded and cold drawn: WH00, WH02, and WH04, and fully finished: O60, O50, H55, H58, and H80. The product shall be manufactured by forming the material into a tubular shape on a suitable forming mill and welding shall be accomplished by any process that produces forge or fusion welds. The external flash of forge welded tube shall be removed by scarfing and the internal flash shall be treated by IFI (to remain in the as-welded condition), IFR (scarfing) or IFD (rolling or drawing) technique. The material shall conform to the chemical composition requirements prescribed for copper, phosphorus, and arsenic, as determined by chemical analysis. The welded tubes shall meet the requirements specified for grain size, electrical mass resistivity, mechanical properties such as tensile strength and Rockwell hardness, dimensions, and mass. Performance requirements includes microscopical examination, hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility test, and expansion test. Requirements for tensile, electromagnetic (eddy-current), hydrostatic, and pneumatic tests are detailed.

copper tube; copper welded tube; welded tube ; Copper UNS No. C10100; Copper UNS No. C10200; Copper UNS No. C10300; Copper UNS No. C10800; Copper UNS No. C11000; Copper UNS No. C12000; Copper UNS No. C12200; Copper UNS No. C14200
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